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Wrexham bans political message on striker’s boots


Wrexham has prohibited striker Paul Mullin from wearing boots with an inflammatory Conservative Party slogan.

Mullin, 27, posted images from the club’s Racecourse Ground on social media to display the custom-made footwear.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, two Hollywood celebrities who own Wrexham, said the pictures were shot without their consent or knowledge.

According to the National League team, they have a “neutral stance” on politics.

“The problem will be addressed with confidentially,” they further said.

According to Wrexham’s Conservative MP Sarah Atherton, the club’s prompt reaction to Mullin’s social media post made her thankful and signaled the end of the affair.

According to a statement, Mullin will continue to play a vital role in Wrexham’s promotion campaign. Still, his position is an “unwelcome distraction” ahead of the team’s home game against Halifax on Tuesday, 25 October.

The statement continued, “The club can clarify that the boots disclosed by Paul Mullin on social media will not be worn tonight, or in any subsequent Wrexham AFC match, and that the images taken at the Racecourse Ground were done so without our knowledge or agreement.

“For the record, had we known, the photos would not have been allowed to be shot, and the club would handle the situation in a private setting.

“The club has taken a neutral stance on several political issues and plans to do so in the future.

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“The club also recognizes that everyone has the right to their own opinion, whether they are members or fans, but would like to emphasize that one person’s viewpoint cannot be accurately ascribed to the perspective of the whole group or the club.

“The fact that the MP representing the constituency in which the club is located a Conservative seat is the most obvious illustration of this.

Paul Mullin will continue to play a vital role in the club’s efforts to earn promotion on the field and improve the community of it after this unfortunate diversion.

According to Atherton’s statement, Mullin’s boots “reflected the perspective of one person rather than the club as a whole.”

The MP continued: “Players may not be aware of the arduous work that is being done in the background to improve the club, the neighborhood, and the fans; I am working relentlessly with the club and others to achieve this goal.

“We can put this behind us thanks to the club’s prompt action in handling this situation, for which I am thankful.

“I am certain that we will continue to collaborate closely, and I am looking forward to fully supporting Wrexham AFC moving ahead.”

When Mullin joined Wrexham from Cambridge United in July 2021, he probably became the club’s most eye-catching acquisition during the Hollywood era.

The attacker, born in Liverpool, scored 11 goals in 14 games this season after being voted National League Player of the Year after scoring 30 goals in all competitions the previous year.


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