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World ‘running out’ of patience with Taliban: UN envoy


A UN representative said before the Security Council on Tuesday that the world is becoming impatient with the Taliban as the revolutionary government shows no signs of allowing females to attend school, and its ties to al-Qaeda remain unclear.

Although there have been some good improvements since the Taliban came to power last year, Markus Potzel, the United Nations deputy representative in Afghanistan, told the council that “they have been too few and too gradual and are overwhelmed by the downsides.”

He remarked, “I fear many in the international world are losing patience about a policy of engagement with Afghanistan’s Taliban.

The Taliban have been “ambiguous as to the amount to which they would like to interact externally, lacking official acknowledgment and based on being in conformity with their interpretation of the sharia,” according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who spoke as Potzel was saying.

The US killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by a drone strike in Kabul this year “brought to the fore the continuing ties between the terrorist group and the Taliban, which would be contrary to the latter’s counterterrorism commitments,” Guterres added in his quarterly report, which was released on Tuesday.

The study also criticized the “severe constraints” that continue to be put on women’s and girls’ rights, such as the prohibition on secondary education.

The 10 non-permanent members of the Security Council and the five nations assuming seats on the council the following year urged the Taliban to “immediately rescind this decision” in a unified statement focused on girls’ education.

They said that “the international community has not forgotten Afghan women and girls and will not do so.”

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However, one envoy implied that at least one of the permanent Security Council members, who have veto power, may be opposed.

Norwegian Ambassador Mona Juul told reporters, “We have tried hard to secure a statement from the whole council, but we were unable to.

A diplomatic source claims that China and Russia rejected a unified statement if it did not include the call for releasing Afghan assets that have been blocked since the Taliban’s takeover of power.

According to Chinese Ambassador Geng Shuang, the funds frozen overseas “should be utilised swiftly for the betterment of Afghan life and economic rebuilding,” emphasizing the importance of protecting girls’ rights.


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