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When is Metroid Prime Remaster released?


When is Metroid Prime Remaster released? Thanks to the success of Metroid Dread, Samus Aran and his rogue gallery of intergalactic threats are once again in the public consciousness.

Of course, a side effect of that is a reminder that literally, years have passed since Metroid Prime 4 was teased, and we received almost nothing in the 3D Metroid front since then.

However, while Prime 4 is still a distant dream, we may be getting the best option in the near future – a remastering of the original Metroid Prime. So when is Metroid Prime remastering release?

I’ll tell you right away, we don’t know. First of all, this remastering is still in “rumor” territory. Nintendo hasn’t even confirmed its existence, not to mention a possible release date.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, why does anyone think this remaster is even going to come out? Well, because some industry insider said so, and given its track record, we are inclined to believe it.

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When is Metroid Prime Remaster released?

According to one Emily Rogers, a video game industry insider with a history of correctly predicting Nintendo leaks, Nintendo has been secretly working on a remastering of the Switch from around the world.

Metroid Prime trilogy and work on the remastering of the first game wrapped up over the summer.

“I’m pretty sure Metroid Prime 1 wrapped up development over the summer,” Rogers said in his Twitter, “I hope we continue to watch the entire trilogy on Switch. But Prime 1 is clearly finished. ”

“Work on the remastering of Metroid Prime 1 started around 2017-18. The original plan was to develop and launch Prime 1 first. Then use the Prime 1 base (engine, tools, assets) to re-create Prime 2 + 3 later. No one knows if the plans were changed or dropped after Covid.”

So while we don’t know when this remaster existed (or sure Yes exists), the odds seem good that something is in the works.

I know for a fact that Nintendo knows how much we want more. principal, so it would make sense to launch it while waiting for Prime 4 to keep going.

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