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‘West’s undivided dominance’ will end in the most dangerous decade since WWII: Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is expressing no remorse for the conflict against neighboring Ukraine, asserting that everything is proceeding according to plan and downplaying the possibility of a nuclear confrontation with the West.

In comments made at a conference in Moscow on Thursday, Putin listed several common complaints about “our Western opponents” and said that the West’s hegemony over international affairs was waning.

Putin said that the West had sparked the conflict in Ukraine and was engaging in “dangerous, brutal, and filthy” behavior that was causing havoc throughout the globe. According to Putin, the West will ultimately need to discuss the world’s future with Russia and other big nations.

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At an annual foreign policy conference, the 70-year-old former KGB agent remarked, “We are standing at a historical frontier: Ahead lies arguably the most dangerous, uncertain, and vital decade since World War Two.

The crisis, which started eight months ago when Russian soldiers invaded neighboring Ukraine, has resulted in thousands of fatalities, millions of displaced people, a jolt to the world economy, and a reopening of Cold War rifts.

Meanwhile, authorities said Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure were causing power outages in several cities, including the capital Kyiv.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy declared in a Thursday night video speech as he stood outdoors in the dark near the debris of a crashed drone that the missile and drone strikes would not destroy the Ukrainian spirit.

“Shelling won’t break us; it scares us more to hear the enemy’s national hymn on our soil than to see hostile missiles in our sky. The dark does not frighten us “said he.


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