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How to utilize Vasmrti in Genshin Impact


Utilize Vasmrti in Genshin Impact: You may access the world quest Sprouting Seedlings after finishing the Varuna Gatha quest line, which directs you to Aranakula’s garden in Vanarana. He will discuss the seeds known as Vasmrtis, which may be utilized to raise Viparyas in good health.

Here is what you need to do with the 12 Vasmrtis you’ve obtained by doing nursery riddles to start a World Quest that will finish the Varuna Gatha section of the Aranyaka book.

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Utilize Vasmrti in Genshin Impact

What does Genshin Impact employ Vasmrtis for?

Change to Vanarana’s dream form after gathering 12 Vasmrtis. Make sure to swap before going to the quest area since this portion won’t function if you’re in the actual Vanarana.

When you’re ready, go to the location indicated in the figure below, then go into the cave to a point where there is an intersection. For example, the Garden of Aranakula is on the right.

The next step is to insert a Vasmrti into each of the caves. There are 12, and you may arrange them any way you choose. The Vasmrtis will each develop into seedlings.

Wait one real-time day or until the server resets after you’ve buried all of the Vasmrtis before returning to the garden. Then, you’ll discover that every seedling has grown into a viparya.

To initiate conversation and accomplish the goal, approach the two Aranara. When Dreams Bloom, a Wonders of the World achievement, will become available for you.

You may continue finishing the last World Quests that serve as a sequel to Varuna Gatha when a Dendroculus spawns within the Aranara home.


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