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How to use Overwatch 2’s Bastion’s Ultimate bug

Use Overwatch 2's Bastion's Ultimate bug

Use Overwatch 2’s Bastion’s Ultimate bug: A glitch was uncovered with Bastion that allows you to get more usage out of his ultimate, which is why you may notice that he is filling many damage positions in Overwatch 2.

You may have observed that Bastion fires much more artillery bullets when he enters this formation than the three permitted, destroying anybody in his path.

Here’s how to use Overwatch 2’s Bastion Ultimate Bug.

How to use Overwatch 2’s Bastion’s Ultimate bug

Note that this was an unreported flaw affecting Bastion and that it will undoubtedly repair soon. His malfunction gives your squad a competitive edge even though he is only supposed to discharge three artillery rounds.

Suppose you do this in a matching game and someone reports you for it. We’re not sure what effect it will have on your account, so use caution.

Also, until Blizzard patches the loophole, we advise staying away from competitive if you do not want your skill rating to impact.

Timing is everything when executing Bastion’s Ultimate glitch in Overwatch 2. Keep pressing the Ultimate and the firing buttons simultaneously while you fire the explosives to trigger the Ultimate.

Keep moving the target as you fire, and you will build a carpet of explosives that may be very challenging to escape and deadly danger to any opponent who advances. There are occasions when the opponent has no opportunity to escape the fire and is erased from the map.

When testing the issue, we found that if the target is not moved often. You would probably cancel your Ultimate before you could fire more than two bullets. However, we could quickly get over a dozen shots off, and when we did it well, we may reach 20.

Additionally, using a controller was much easier for us than using a keyboard and mouse. Although you can rebind the keys to make it simpler to learn how to time your shots.



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