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How to use fear and what it does in Gotham Knights


Use fear and what it does in Gotham Knights: Batman’s ability to instill fear in criminals in Gotham was a key component, and in Gotham Knights, you’ll have the option to use that ability as any of the game’s characters. Each of these characters learned how to utilize it from Batman.

Thus, they can cause dread in their adversaries during combat, making a battle much simpler to manage. What you need to know about using fear and its effects in Gotham Knights is provided here.

How the dread in Gotham Knights operates

There are several instances in Gotham Knights when fear may occur. For example, if you’re battling a group of adversaries and you manage to take out all but a few of them. You’ll see a little emblem that looks like a ghost over their heads.

This reveals that your adversaries scare, slowing their assaults and weakening their defenses, making them easier to defeat. However, a fear-afflicted adversary may flee, leaving you with one fewer opponent.

Some of your characters will have the ability to affect fear after gaining Knighthood or other introductory bonuses. For instance, Red Hood has a few skills that increase his dread of foes.

Such as the passive skill that makes enemies around fear him after his bullets knock out a target or the talent that makes enemies fear him when he grabs an adversary.

There is a good chance that an enemy will get scared and run away if they fear enough.

The Gotham Knights are capable of using terror in the same way that Batman often does to keep Gotham secure. The more chances you have to terrorize your adversaries, the easier it will be for you to defeat them.

During a battle, watch their health bars and look out for the ghost symbol.


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