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How to use Discord to watch YouTube videos with friends


Use Discord to watch YouTube videos with friends: Have you ever come upon a YouTube video you had to watch immediately and share with your friends? It will now be feasible since Discord updated its app with a new function.

However, as it’s a new site feature, most users are still unsure how to access it. But by following our advice, you’ll be able to share the video you’ve been playing and enjoy it with your friends in no time.

Use Discord to watch YouTube videos with friends

Watch Together, Discord’s new YouTube watch party function is simple. Click the Start an Activity button on the rocket icon in the bottom left corner to use any speech channel on any server.

After that, a pop-up window will emerge, and you must choose the Watch Together panel.

The terms of service and YouTube’s privacy policy will then show in a message. You must click on those links if you want to read the whole document.

If not, choose Continue, and you will undoubtedly be able to see the video you’ve been eager to share.

Finally, a notification will ask for your permission to allow Watch Together, an external program, access to your Discord account. You may view any YouTube videos you choose with your group, wherever they are when you click Authorize.

The Discord Games Lab server, which is easily accessible by everyone, now offers this capability. However, as long as you have the authorization to utilize the Activities function, Watch Together may also be accessible on separate servers.

Discord’s Activities feature now includes games in addition to YouTube integration, with Putt Party being the only game that is being made entirely free.

On the other hand, Discord Nitro members will have access to all of the minigames and will be able to invite people who are not members to join in the fun.


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