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US woman unleashes bees on eviction officers


US woman unleashes bees on eviction officers: A woman in Massachusetts, US, accuse of using a swarm of bees as a deadly weapon after she allegedly let loose a hive of angry insects on officers trying to serve an eviction notice last week. This is according to the county sheriff.

According to officials, Rorie Woods, a professional beekeeper, 55, pulled up to the house while deputies were serving the eviction order, according to officials, who stated the incident started. The residence belonged to a guy who had gathered support from anti-eviction demonstrators and had been fighting against evicted due to bankruptcy for years.

Woods appeared, pulling an SUV behind a stack of prefabricated beehives. She then began shaking one hive while smashing the top to frighten the bees.

The area was overrun by bees, which stung numerous police officers. One of the deputies needed to send to the hospital. To protect herself, Woods put on a beekeeper’s outfit.

Woods accuse of assault. At her arraignment on October 12 in court, Woods entered a not-guilty plea and released without bond.

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