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US Response After S. Jaishankar’s Remarks Regarding Pakistan’s F-16 Deal


The Biden administration said on Monday that Pakistan and India are allies of the US with distinct areas of concentration. However, a day after visiting, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar questioned the need for the most recent American F-16 security support to Islamabad.

Everyone is aware of the locations and adversaries that F-16 fighter planes are deployed for, according to Mr. Jaishankar, in response to the US claim that the F-16 maintenance program is intended to combat terrorism.

During a conversation with Indian-Americans, he answered a query with, “You’re not fooling anyone by saying these things.

“On the other side, we don’t see our relationship with India as being in connection to our relationship with Pakistan.

These are both of our partners, and they both have a distinct focus “Ned Price, a spokesperson for the State Department, said to reporters at his regular press conference.

“Because we often share ideals, we see both as partners. In many instances, our interests are similar. Additionally, our connection with India stands on its own. Our connection with Pakistan is self-sufficient “added he.

Early this month, the Biden administration overturned the decision of the previous Trump administration to suspend military assistance to Islamabad for providing safe havens for the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network by approving a USD 450 million F-16 fighter jet fleet sustainment program to Pakistan.

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“Additionally, we want to use every effort to ensure that the relationships between these neighbors are as positive as they can be. So let’s emphasize it as well “In response to a query, Price said.

In response to a different query, Price said, “Pakistan’s goal is not to see instability and bloodshed in Afghanistan.”

The official said that our efforts to better the lives, livelihoods, and humanitarian situations of the Afghan people and to ensure that the Taliban uphold their agreements are topics we constantly address with our Pakistani allies.

According to Price, Pakistan is involved in many of the same responsibilities, including those related to counterterrorism, safe passage, and the welfare of Afghan residents. “The Taliban’s refusal or inability to fulfill these obligations would have important ramifications for Pakistan as well,” the Taliban said.

We have a lot of interests with Pakistan over its neighbor, therefore for that reason,” Price remarked.

He pointed out that the United States has been particularly concerned about the destruction and fatalities brought on by the heavy floods that destroyed significant portions of Pakistan.

“Tens of millions of dollars have been donated to help those affected by these disasters. In view of the humanitarian crisis that Pakistanis are now experiencing, the Secretary will have further information on additional US aid for the Pakistani people today “Added he.


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