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US pledges more help for flood-devastated Pakistan


US pledges more help for flood-devastated Pakistan: It was announced on Tuesday that the United States would provide Pakistan an additional $10 million in aid to help the nation recover from the disastrous floods that devastated more than 33 million people.

Antony Blinken announced in Washington after meeting with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Foreign Office said.

The help is in addition to the USD 56.1 million financial support Washington has previously provided.

Bilawal acknowledged Blinken’s kindness.

In his encounter with Blinken, Bilawal informed him of the destruction brought on by the catastrophic floods. Which forced more than 33 million people to flee their homes. According to Pakistan, the tragedy has resulted in losses of USD 28 billion.

He praised the government and the people of Pakistan for their relief efforts and thanked the US government for its support. He was stating that no nation could handle a disaster of this magnitude alone.

Secretary Blinken sent his deepest sympathies to Pakistan and pledged his support in the wake of the tragic deaths and enormous financial losses.

He reiterated the US commitment to working with Pakistan to address the difficulties of rehabilitation and rebuilding.

Additionally, he said that the US private sector would prefer to invest in Pakistan. Notably in the country’s energy industry, given the country’s enormous potential.

Bilawal emphasized the historical and expanding significance of the Pakistan-US partnership in fostering regional stability, security, and economic growth.

Specifically, he emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening and expanding its relations with the US in commerce and investment.

He emphasized that both nations were appropriately commemorating the 75th anniversary of the start of diplomatic ties and laying out a cheerful and mutually beneficial course for future generations.

Bilawal said that Pakistan would continue collaborating with the international community to bring peace, development. And stability to Afghanistan and stressed the need to help Afghanistan prevent the humanitarian disaster.

Secretary Blinken expressed his gratitude to Pakistan for helping with the withdrawal of Afghanistan.


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