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US army installation Itaewon is currently a nightlife centre


US army installation Itaewon is currently a nightlife centre: The neighborhood of Itaewon, where dozens of people were murdered in a Halloween mob rush, serves as the center of Seoul. Since it use as a base for soldiers by invading armies like the Mongols and Japanese, it use as a transportation and logistical hub throughout the day.

By night, Itaewon hums as a top entertainment district, teeming with chic clubs and eateries, youthful customers, and foreign visitors. Seoul’s most multicultural and liberal neighborhood is Itaewon.

It is a portion of the Yongsan neighborhood, which once housed the primary US military installation in South Korea. After the Korean War, the American soldiers who had commanded the UN forces defending South Korea remained and established their postwar headquarters there.

Bars, clubs, and stores catering to American service members dotted Itaewon’s main street and the congested, mountainous neighborhood’s small lanes. However, the US military moved its headquarters to a new site south of Seoul in a deal with South Korea.

After losing most American military clients, Itaewon reinvented itself as a top destination for young South Koreans. A Netflix TV drama called Itaewon Class has a portion of its story in the area.

Additionally, President Yoon Suk Yeol recently relocated his office from the Blue House to the defense ministry building, causing the ministry to transfer to a different facility in Yongsan.


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