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US airborne raid kills one in Syria


According to Syrian state TV on Thursday, one person was killed in a government-controlled region of northeastern Syria as a result of a US aerial operation involving numerous helicopters.

According to the British Observatory for Human Rights, it is the first operation of its kind in territories under regime control.

Syria’s official TV said, without going into any detail, “US occupation troops carried out a landing operation utilizing multiple helicopters in the hamlet of Muluk Saray in the southern countryside of Qamishli and killed one individual.”

The US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) said that it presently “had no information to give.”

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According to the British-based Observatory for Human Rights and AFP journalists, the operation’s target hamlet is held by Syrian government troops and is located 17 kilometers (10 miles) south of the city of Qamishli.

Without naming the casualty, the Observatory said that this action by US troops in regions controlled by the government “marks a first.”

The monitor said that further individuals had been apprehended without giving an exact number.

Three US helicopters carrying soldiers had arrived overnight, according to a villager.

According to a local who spoke to AFP on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, US soldiers invaded a residence. They killed one individual while capturing several others.

During the operation, “they utilized loudspeakers to call on citizens to remain inside,” he said.

The locals identified the victim as Abu Hayel, a little-known Syrian from Hassakeh.

Washington is a member of the coalition headed by the US that is combating the Islamic State in Syria.

In a drone attack in the country’s north in July, the Pentagon claimed to have killed Syria’s senior IS terrorist.

According to CENTCOM, he was “one of the top five” overall Islamic State commanders.

The July attack occurred five months after a US midnight operation in the village of Atme, which resulted in the demise of Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, the head of the Islamic State as a whole.

According to US sources, Qurashi perished after setting off a bomb to elude arrest.

The remaining IS in Syria primarily withdrew into desert hideouts after losing their final stronghold in March 2019 due to a military offensive supported by a US-led coalition.

Since then, they have continued to carry out strikes in Iraq while using similar hideouts to ambush forces headed by the Kurds and soldiers from the Syrian government.


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