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UNSC will vote Friday on resolution denouncing Russia annexation referendums


UNSC will vote Friday on resolution denouncing Russia annexation referendums: The president of the UN Security Council, France, said on Thursday that the board would vote on a resolution condemning the referendums on annexing key areas of Ukraine that Russia has seized.

Despite being presented to the GA, the US-Albania resolution failed. Moscow’s veto makes it unlikely that the bill will pass.

The meeting scheduled for Friday at 3:00 pm (1900 GMT). Before a further debate on the leaks found in the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

According to US ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the statement would demand that member states “not to recognize any changed status of Ukraine and obligating Russia to remove its forces from Ukraine” and will denounce what the West has dubbed “fake” referendums.

Even though Russia will reject the resolution, everyone will watch how India and China respond.

China earlier this week urged for the “territorial integrity” of all countries to preserve. Still, the two nations abstained in February on a resolution denouncing Moscow’s invasion of its former Soviet neighbor.

The vote at the general assembly will reveal precisely how isolated Russia has become on the world stage.

According to Richard Gowen, an analyst at the International Crisis Group, Western countries “are quietly optimistic that there will be significant support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity at the general assembly.”

As the battle continued, he said, “I believe a number of nations were beginning to back off from support for Ukraine at the UN.”

But Gowen said, “(Russian President Vladimir) Putin will compel several reluctant powers to endorse Ukraine again by putting annexation and territorial integrity on the table.

Putin has ultimately committed a critical diplomatic miscalculation, he said.

The general assembly voted three times this spring on resolutions pertaining to the invasion of Ukraine, with the final vote in April showing fading international cooperation against Moscow.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called the annexations a “dangerous escalation” Thursday.


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