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Can you unlock veteran Overwatch 2 heroes?


Unlock veteran Overwatch 2 heroes: The First Time User Experience in Overwatch 2 is meant to help new players avoid intimidated by the extensive roster available.

It locks off certain characters so they can concentrate on a smaller pool and gradually unlocks the rest of the heroes over time so they can study them more quickly.

The bothersome problem of returning players who are not in the FTUE being unable to access their usual heroes is a result of this new way of thinking. So if your Overwatch 2 characters are imprisoned, follow these instructions.

Why are heroes in Overwatch 2 kept away from returning players?

Many returning gamers have complained that some of their favorite Overwatch 2 characters have hidden. Unfortunately, this is just one more instance of the many issues the game has encountered since going live on October 4.

According to what we have seen, there is no specific solution to this issue. Thus, Blizzard will need to deal with it. They claim that exiting and re-entering the game will resolve server-side matters like this. However, we have seen this approach fail.

If you want to test if it works correctly, you may restart your computer and the internet entirely. Alternatively, you can try it a few times. If not, you may unlock heroes by completing the Hero Challenges and playing games.

As previously said, Overwatch 2‘s first few days have been nothing short of a nightmare for the much-anticipated title. Almost without exception, everything that could go wrong for it has done so in breathtaking form, one after the other.

Hopefully, Blizzard can handle the situation as soon as possible.

Update: On October 10, when Bastion and Torbjörn remove from the Hero Pool, reports of this problem reappeared.

Some gamers have offered “altering regions” as a workaround remedy while restarting the client, as suggested by others.

According to Blizzard, they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it as soon as possible.


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