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How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadouts


Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadouts: While various gameplay elements in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 series have been updated, the Custom Loadout option has stood the test. It also grants access to hundreds of potent attachments, allowing players to decide which weapons and things they use in combat.

However, gunners may wait to begin to reap its rewards owing to level limitations and a bothersome bug. Here is a guide for MW2’s Custom Loadouts.

Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadouts

By default, creating Custom Loadouts will only be available to players at least Level 4. However, if you successfully obtained the MW2 promotional XP awards from Mountain Dew or Little Caesar’s items, this should take a few matches, if not sooner.

However, despite being at a much higher level, some people report a bug that keeps the functionality locked. If you encounter this problem, you must restart the game program to get credit for Custom Loadouts.

When it becomes accessible, the Custom Loadout menu will include more customization choices than any other in earlier games. Most significantly, the improved Gunsmith in the game enables players to modify and add attachments to over 50 guns.

With the advent of Weapon Tuning, specific attachments may also change to suit your playstyle.

Each Custom Loadout, like its predecessor, may include up to two weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, and at least one field upgrade. Even better, the recently introduced Perk Packages system allows Custom Loadouts to carry up to four perks at once, making it feasible to acquire various valuable skills.


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