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How to unlock Final Fantasy XIV’s Heaven-on-High


Unlock Final Fantasy XIV’s Heaven-on-High: Heaven-on-High, the Stormblood expansion’s second Deep Dungeon, is stunning. As it soars over Onokoro, many Warriors of Light are tempted by the promise of rapid EXP and rare treasures.

This Deep Dungeon has it all with unique prizes, such as a particular horse for completing floor 100 four times. Here’s how users may get access to Heaven-on-High.

Where can I find Heaven-on-High in Final Fantasy XIV?

Knocking on Heaven’s Door, a quest that must complete accessing Heaven-on-High, can find in The Ruby Sea. Players will require a Disciple of War or Magic at level 61 to progress with the unlock.

To reach Isari, teleport to the Onokoro Aetheryte and go there. To start the task, speak with Hamakaze, who situate at (X: 6.2, Y: 11.7).

The Main Scenario Quest “Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out,” and clearing floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead are the other two requirements for this quest.

Speaking with Kyusei in Crick (The Ruby Sea), the Deep Dungeon will accessible to players after it has opened (X:21.4, Y:9.2).

Like the Palace of the Dead, Heaven-on-High has a separate leveling system. Players must gather Aetherpool Armor and Aetherpool Armor to advance in this Deep Dungeon.

Players would have to start anew in Heaven-on-High since the Aetherpool metrics from the Palace of the Dead do not transfer over.


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