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Ukraine’s Kherson people are evacuated by Russia


Ukraine’s Kherson people are evacuated by Russia: The Russian-installed governor of the southern Kherson area considered relocating citizens to Russian territories, which was one of the most apparent indications that Russia was losing control of the domain in Ukraine. Instead, he suggested that the residents bring their kids.

The first Kherson refugees will arrive in Rostov on Friday, according to TASS.

Earlier this year, on February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the Russian troops force to return a few months after early land gains due to a counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces.

Swathes of area, even those that Russia said were seized and would stay Russian “forever,” have been retaken by Ukrainian troops.

Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Kherson government that Russia imposed. He said in a video that “the cities of the Kherson area expose to missile assaults every day.”

In light of this, he stated, “the leadership of Kherson administration has decided to provide Kherson families the choice to go to other areas of the Russian Federation to relax and study.”

He advised Kherson residents to flee to nearby areas to avoid missile assaults. “Leave with your children,” the people should say.

He said the request to vacate directed at west bank Dnipro residents. The region’s capital is the only significant Ukrainian city Russia has fully occupied since February.

According to Russian claims, the Kherson area has annexed. Strategically, the site is significant. It also controls the mouth of the Dnipro River and the land route to Crimea. 2014 saw Russia invade Crimea.

In their largest southward offensive since the start of the conflict. Ukrainian soldiers have smashed through the front lines of Russia since the beginning of October.

Since then, they’ve moved fast down the west bank to cut off thousands of Russian troops’ supply lines and escape routes.

Russia has brought together many of its best-trained soldiers to keep control of the west bank of Kherson. However, such force can only deliver over the river, which is broad and has few points of passage.


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