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Ukraine Removes Kazakhstan Ambassador Over War Remarks About “Killing Russians”


Ukraine Removes Kazakhstan Ambassador Over War Remarks About “Killing Russians”: Petro Vrublevskiy’s comments about the “death of Russians” in Ukraine started a fight. Which led the war-torn country to take decisive action against him. This was a significant change.

Kazakhstan is in Central Asia. According to a proclamation posted on the presidential website, Vrublevskiy has immediately relieved of his duties.

However, it did not state why the ambassador reliev of his responsibilities or who would take over for him. The biggest argument started when the ambassador declared, “The more Russians we murder today, the less of them our children will have to kill in the future,” in an August interview with renowned Kazakh blogger Dias Kuzairov.

The criticism of Russia prompted a response from Moscow and some of its allies. Kazakhstan apologized but claimed it had notified Kyiv that Vrublevsky’s words were inappropriate and that a deal had been made to bring him back.

Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry and Russia’s envoy had “serious talks” about the current situation earlier this month. But the details of those talks were not made public.

According to a release, “Deputy Minister Yermukhambet Konuspayev and Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Petr Vrublevsky, met at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

The Kazakh ministry sent the summons to Vrublevskiy because the Association of Russian, Slavic. And Cossack Organizations of Kazakhstan asked the government to say that Vrublevskiy was not welcome.

The Russian Investigative Committee has also started looking into Vrublevskyi’s threats to hurt Russians.

It is important to note that since Moscow started a full-fledged war against its neighbor, relations between Moscow and Astana have become worse. Even Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the president of Kazakhstan, has publicly criticized Vladimir Putin’s actions.

While Kazakhstan forbade its people living in Russia from participating in the impending Moscow-Kyiv battle. Russia declared preparations for partial military mobilization amid the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

Separately, the Kazakhstani embassy in Russia published a statement cautioning its residents from joining the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Kyrgyzstani Embassy in Russia warned its citizens on September 21 that fighting abroad was a crime. If they clash, it advised its Russian inhabitants to contact Kyrgyzstan’s foreign mission immediately.


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