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Two Top Islamic State leader Killed In US Air Raids In Syria


US troops attacked northern Syria on Thursday, killing two senior ISIS commanders, according to military sources.

The vice commander of ISIS in Syria, Abu ‘Ala, and the person in charge of prisoner issues, Abu Mu’Ad al-Qahtani, were both slain, according to the organization’s official statement.

A few days before the raid, US Marines killed an ISIS smuggler. In addition, the US has stepped up operations in the region and has been going for crucial ISIS leaders.

“Last night, ISIS official Rakkan Wahid al-Shammri was the target of a helicopter attack by US Central Command troops in northeastern Syria, close to the hamlet of Qamishli.

Al-Shammri is known to enable the smuggling of men and weapons to support ISIS operations. According to the Central Command, the targeted person was killed, and one of his companions was injured during the operation.

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The military gathered over 1000 hours of information in the lead-up to the operation on Thursday to minimize collateral damage. As a result, they successfully kept all the residents unharmed.

In response to the latest attacks, CENTCOM spokesperson Col. Joe Buccino stated, “USCENTCOM is dedicated to our friends and partners in the lasting defeat of ISIS.”

The Biden administration has made it apparent that it intends to withdraw troops from the Middle East gradually.

However, with the latest activities, it has been questioned if they may be trying to keep control over an area. Where two other superpowers in the globe, China and Russia, have lately shown interest.


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