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Twitter bans Marjorie Taylor Greene, a U.S. representative, permanently


Twitter bans Marjorie Taylor Greene, a U.S. representative, permanently. 

WASHINGTON – Twitter Sunday announced that it had permanently blocked the account of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican U.S. Representative, for repeatedly violating the misinformation policy on COVID-19.

Georgia’s Congresswoman is the first to have her Twitter account permanently blocked.

Twitter has previously suspended Greene’s @mtgreenee account for posting tweets regarding COVID it considered “misleading.” 

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In addition, two other Republican House members have been temporarily suspended on Twitter: Barry Moore and Jim Banks.

Greene stated that Twitter is an enemy of America and cannot handle the truth in a Telegram statement. 

He also said that “social media platforms couldn’t stop being spread far and wide. Big Tech cannot stop the truth. Communist Democrats cannot stop the truth.”

The official @ReptMTG account of Congresswoman is still active on Twitter. It has 390,000. This is slightly less than her 465,000 followers on her personal banned account.

Greene’s comments on the pandemic have been criticized before. She apologized after comparing the COVID-19 vaccinations and mask requirements to the Holocaust, which claimed 6 million Jews were killed.

After Greene argued with a state election official about voter fraud allegations, Twitter temporarily blocked her account.

Twitter and other social media platforms have banned Donald Trump’s supporters from using their services. They were involved in an attack on the U.S. Capitol that resulted in a deadly riot on Jan. 6, 2021.



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