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Tupac Shakur’s famous MOB is auctioned for USD 95,000


Tupac Shakur’s famous MOB is auctioned for USD 95,000.

An interesting piece of Tupac Shakur memorabilia is coming up for auction. Tupac’s infamous “MOB” ring is for sale. The eye-catching piece of jewelry is priced equally high.

Moments in time The auctions offer several high-end celebrity auctions. In addition to Tupac’s ring, the crown medallion he wore was dented by a bullet in the rapper’s 1994 shooting. Elvis Pressley’s revolver will also be up for auction.

The ring will cost the winning bidder around $ 95,000. Tupac wore the ring after joining Suge Knight and Death Row Records. The initials “MOB” stand for “Blood Member”, as in the infamous street gang.

Death row was known to be affiliated with the Bloods. Snoop has also worn the insignia, despite the fact that he is normally associated with rival Crips. Regardless of the context, it became an iconic image of West Coast rap.

The ring was initially given to a girlfriend by Tupac. It changed hands several times. Finally, it ended up in the possession of the private collector who decided to offer it up for auction.

Tupac Shakur was leaving a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas when he was shot while riding in a car with Suge Knight. He later passed away in hospital at the age of 25. The murder remains unsolved.


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