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Tragic schoolgirl died within weeks of complaining of ‘tummy ache’


Tragic schoolgirl died within weeks of complaining of ‘tummy ache’.

Carly Woods’ parents John and Kelly took her to the hospital after her “tummy ache” at home persisted for more than 24 hours. They underwent scans and tests and the doctors told the family that Carly’s liver was bigger than it should have been, so after a four-day stay, they transferred her to a children’s hospital.

After further testing, doctors at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool told devastated parents last month that Carly had multiple liver tumors and that cancer had spread to the girl’s lungs.

Carly died a few weeks on November 1, Echo of Liverpool he reports, after surgery performed in an attempt to allow the young man to have chemotherapy did not work.

John, 37, said: “they told us there was nothing medical they could do.

“His liver was quite crushed and not working. He could not physically receive chemotherapy, it would be too cruel.”

“They told us that we would have to make the decision not to resuscitate her and just keep her comfortable and let her slide.”

The grieving father, who has other young children with Kelly, added, “I think for both of us we haven’t even taken it in yet. I’m still numb. The only thing that is helping me get through it is getting through it.” [Carly’s funeral] the best possible day for her.

“We are going to have horses and carriages with the horses dressed up as unicorns because that was one of their favorite things.

“She was a happy girl. Everyone knew her for having wild hair. She always had a smile on her face and her teachers told me that she was always congratulating someone.

“I hope that thousands of people will see the memory and history of Carly and that her sacrifice can save thousands of families from the same heartache and fate in the future.”

Carly was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer called hepatocellular neoplasia not otherwise specified HC-NOS.

John from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, said: “They said they only see one or two of these cancers each year and there is usually some kind of advance warning, usually the child has been in the hospital or been sick before.

“They called me into the office and the doctor told me that they could immediately see on the ultrasound that his liver was four times bigger than it should be and that it was filled with multiple tumors.”

Carly, who was a freshman in high school, had woken up with a stomach ache on Sunday, October 10.

Recalling that morning, John said, “He woke up on Sunday morning and said, ‘Dad, my belly hurts.’ I was putting away the clothes and I just said, well, if you’re trying to get out of school I keep sending you.

“It was his freshman year in high school and he was having some trouble adjusting. I thought he was trying to play with that.

“As the day progressed, she moaned some more and I asked her what she had for breakfast this morning.

“She said she wasn’t very hungry. I told her you probably have hunger pangs, come downstairs and I’ll make you dinner.

“I made him something to eat, but he didn’t really eat much.

“Bedtime came and she was moaning a little so Kelly gave her ibuprofen.

“Kelly went back to the bedroom and said I think she might have appendicitis. I told her we’ll see how she does tomorrow morning.

“At five in the morning, my partner wakes me up and tells me if you can take the day off and take care of the baby, I’m going to take her to the hospital.”


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