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The world’s oldest dog Pebbles passes away at age 22


The world’s oldest dog Pebbles passes away at age 22: Five months shy of reaching 23, the world’s oldest dog, Pebbles, died this week of natural causes, according to a Guinness World Records announcement. Pebbles, a Toy Fox Terrier, passed away in Taylors, South Carolina, in front of her loved ones.

Pebbles was a pet that belonged to Bobby and Julie Gregory when she was born on March 28, 2000, in Long Island, New York. Julie Gregory said when Pebbles passed away, “Pebbles enjoyed a good and long life.

The head of the family was there. Pebbles gave birth to 32 pups throughout three different litters, together with her late companion Rocky, who died in 2017 at 16.

Julie Gregory said, “She enjoyed country music and cherished throughout her days.”

He was discovered to be the oldest dog in the world, an intriguing method. Friends of Julie Gregory quickly phoned the Gregorys to inform them of the news of Toby Keith, the most senior dog at the time, who had featured in the information.

“Bobby was sitting on the sofa when friends and relatives began texting and phoning about a story they read about a 21-year-old dog breaking the record,” said Julie Gregory.

“I applied when I saw Toby Keith’s tale all over the news,” she said.


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