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The US and China will meet as Taiwan tensions increase


The US and China will meet as Taiwan tensions increase: Senior diplomats from the US and China will meet on Friday, with emotions running high following a trip to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a clear commitment from US President Joe Biden to defend the island that China claims as its own.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in New York. Washington’s continuous efforts to “keep open channels of communication and manage competition properly,” according to the State Department, include this.

The meeting occurred only days after Biden declared that US soldiers would protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion. China reacted angrily, claiming that Biden’s statement conveyed the incorrect message to those pushing for Taiwan’s independence.

In his statement, Biden appeared to stray from US doctrine of “strategic ambiguity”. Which makes it unclear whether Washington would use military force to defend Taiwan.

The White House stressed that its Taiwan policy had not changed. But his comments were the clearest to date about sending US troops to defend the island.

China’s President Xi Jinping warned Taiwan in a phone conversation with Biden in July. Stating that “those who play with fire will perish by it.”

Following Pelosi’s solidarity trip to Taipei at the beginning of last month. China stationed many aircraft and fired live missiles toward the island.

Taiwan, which is democratically run, consider one of China’s provinces. Beijing has long promised to subjugate Taiwan and hasn’t ruled out using force to accomplish so.

Only the 23 million residents of the island, according to Taiwan’s democratically elected government, have the power to determine its future.

Wang met with Henry Kissinger, the former US secretary of state and the driving force behind US relations with communist China. And expressed China’s desire for a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan.

He cited a Chinese saying, “It is better to lose a thousand soldiers than an inch of territory”. He claiming that the likelihood of a peaceful conclusion lower by the increasingly “rampant” enthusiasm for Taiwanese independence.

China’s Foreign Ministry declared, “This is the will and determination of the Chinese people.”


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