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The queen should step back. Does Duchess Camilla have more power now?


The queen should step back. Does Duchess Camilla have more power now?

Because Queen Elizabeth II should step back from medical advice, royal experts are concerned. Others can now benefit from it. Prince Charles, for example, would be the next king according to the line of succession. But also his wife, Duchess Camilla.

The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has to take it easy for health reasons. The 95-year-old woman had to cancel her participation in various events and trips. In view of this fact, Duchess Camilla could soon take on more responsibilities, as “Mail on Sunday” reports. Because these days there is a real bottleneck not only because of the Queen’s ailment.

Currently, there are nominally four Councilors of State who are endowed with the power to represent the Queen in important official matters. These are right now Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew.

However, because Harry has immigrated to the United States and Andrew faces serious allegations of abuse, in practice, only Charles and William remain to act on behalf of the Queen. This is the minimum, as two Councilors of State must always represent the Queen together.

According to the report, therefore, it is quite possible that Duchess Camilla could soon be appointed Councilor of State. Other potential names would be the children of the queen, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, or the daughters of Prince Andrew, Eugenia, and Beatrice.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently gave the latest update on the queen’s health. “I have spoken to Her Majesty as part of my job every week and she is in very good shape.” said the head of government ITV station on the sidelines of the G20 summit on the weekend.

Her doctors told the Queen she had to take it easy, the politician revealed. “We should all respect and understand that. They all wish him the best, ”Johnson said.


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