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The Pokémon Company approves Nuzlocke runs before Scarlet and Violet


The Pokémon Company approves Nuzlocke runs before Scarlet and Violet: If you like a little additional difficulty in your Pokémon training, you may have participated in a Nuzlocke Run in a prior installment of the series. The Pokémon Company pleased to have you repeat the run in the next Scarlet and Violet editions, which is good news.

For those unaware, Nuzlocke runs have several limitations that make beating the game much more complex than usual. For example, you only allow to capture one Pokémon in every region, and you must return any Pokémon that faints.

Some players want to add further restrictions, such as starting over if your team wipes or disabling the exp share. No hacking or cheating involve; everything that happens results from the game’s fundamentals. But the validity of the remarkable run has since questioned.

Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang, who used to create a program for Nintendo called Nintendo Minute, said in a recent episode of Kit & Krysta that a Nuzlocke run was rejected when it was proposed for the show.

They said that The Pokémon Company saw a Nuzlocke run as on par with ROM hacking, which is why the plan never implement. Ellis and Yang also said that as a consequence of the run. Several content providers kicked out of The Pokémon Company’s partner program.

It turns out that this isn’t true. The owner of Serebii, Joe Merrick, just obtained clarification from The Pokémon Company. It states, “We do not have any concerns with fans or creators playing the games under Nuzlocke Rules.”

Ellis and Yang’s meeting included some misunderstanding. But the outcome is the same: Nuzlocke runs are acceptable to The Pokémon Company.

Given the series’ next installment, it’s encouraging to hear. The release date for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is this coming Friday, November 19. Preorders are now available for both the single-game and double-pack versions.


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