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The Football Association will not investigate Jurgen Klopp’s remarks


The statements made by Jurgen Klopp concerning Manchester City, Newcastle and Paris St. Germain won’t be looked into by the Football Association.

The German was questioned in a press conference after Liverpool’s 1-0 victory over City last week about remarks made before the Anfield game that was seen as “borderline xenophobic.”

The three teams may “do what they want financially,” according to Klopp.

Senior City officials privately expressed displeasure with the remarks.

In this particular instance, Klopp stated, I don’t feel that at all.

“I am aware of who I am. You can’t strike me with something that is so completely unlike who I am.”

Anti-discrimination organizations reportedly support the FA’s position because they think it would be difficult to establish.

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They think that the fact that Klopp did not refer to race, ethnicity, country, or culture would bolster the German’s argument that the statements were purely connected to perceptions of financial disparities and how they would affect the level of competition in football.

For his actions on the touchline during the victory against Manchester City, Klopp, who the FA has reprimanded, had said: “Three football teams in the world have complete financial freedom. They are free to act whatever they like, even if everything is legal.”

Added him: “Newcastle’s sports director Dan Ashworth said that the club had no ceiling; he is correct; Newcastle has no ceiling; nevertheless, some other clubs do. We cannot behave in their manner; it is not conceivable.”


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