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The first Avengers Spider-Man game leaves fans disappointed


The first Avengers Spider-Man game leaves fans disappointed: The first look at Marvel Avengers The Spider-Man game is here ahead of the November 30 DLC release date, but fans haven’t been impressed.

The Avengers Spiderman Video for the DLC game shows the Marvel hero circling the game’s city map and taking on AIM’s enemies alongside other Avengers, but players haven’t been impressed by the long-awaited visuals.

The first Avengers Spider-Man game leaves fans disappointed

IGN today revealed the first Spider-Man DLC game footage for Sony’s exclusive Marvel’s Avengers add-on in a preview (included below), with footage captured by developers at Crystal Dynamics.

Immediate fan reaction included a deeper appreciation for Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and disdain for the Avengers game, with fans complaining about Spider-Man’s mostly ground motion, air-hitting attacks, or the lack of power, or the minimum amount of actual cobwebs. and wall crawl available.

t any true story missions for the DLC or any actual new content except for the character himself or the 40+ unlockable skins for him. The viewer says they “came out wanting to use their abilities more”, so they were satisfied with the match.

But criticized Spider-Man’s movement outside of that match, with any attempt to break through the environment found by Spider-Man hitting himself. head. the “glass ceiling” that prevents players from climbing too high.

In fact, there seems to be an almost universal apathy or negativity to this first game, perhaps being heightened by PC and Xbox Avengers owners feeling left out of the game’s only significant release left on the roadmap.

It also suffers in comparison to Insomniac’s Spider-Man games (also exclusive to Sony), especially with the excellent trailer for the Spider-Man 2 announcement so fresh in the memory of gamers.

The Spider-Man Hero Event is coming to Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 and PS5 on November 30 only, right before Spider-Man: No Way Home, which opens in theaters on December 17.


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