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The European Union set to Training Mission For Ukrainian Soldiers Amid War


On Monday, the European Union (EU) is preparing to increase its military assistance to Ukraine by starting a mission to train 15,000 Ukrainian troops and allocating an additional 500 million euros for arms.

Diplomats said the mission should start operating next month once the 27 member nations of the bloc’s foreign ministers gather in Luxembourg to approve the plans.

One European ambassador remarked that it was a significant first for the EU. We have never carried out a mission like that for training.

Ukraine’s military is advancing on the battlefield after almost eight months of warfare, and Kyiv’s western supporters are anxious to ensure its soldiers can continue fighting.

To deploy the cutting-edge artillery systems, missile launchers, and air defenses they are sending to Kyiv, several EU countries, particularly Germany and France, are already teaching Ukrainians.

However, the EU has delayed giving extensive training to assist the nation’s military in fending off Russian invasion troops.

Thousands of soldiers have already received training from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

London plans to teach 10,000 people this year and more than treble that numbers the next.

The European training’s last-minute specifics are still being worked out.

However, a proposal to first teach 12,000 troops the fundamentals and another 2,800 in specialized training, according to an official

Poland, a neighbor of Ukraine, will act as the mission’s primary center.

One European ambassador stated, “It is the way out for the Ukrainians and the way back in.”

Germany is slated to serve as a significant training hub.

Programs sponsored by individual member states will continue and may eventually be merged into the EU mission.

The official stated, “Everyone in the EU will do all they can in relation to the requirements of Ukrainians.”

According to the ambassador, a budget of around 60 million euros each year is anticipated.

On Monday, the precise sum should be decided upon together with a new 500 million euro ($486 million) tranche of central EU financing to assist with the expense of arming Ukraine.

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Iranian Drones

With this additional sum, the total payment for weaponry from the EU’s central coffers will increase to 3 billion euros. Additionally, member states have increased their out-of-pocket spending.

Come on, people, we truly mean business. The money for seven years has been gone in only seven months.

Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, will communicate with his EU colleagues via video connection. He is anticipated to reiterate requests for more armaments, more financial support, and more stringent sanctions against Moscow.

The suspected deployment of Iranian-made drones by Moscow to strike targets in Ukraine will be discussed by EU ministers. However, no sanctions are yet anticipated in connection with the claim.

Iranian officials have denied claims that they sent Russia weaponry “to be used in the fight in Ukraine.”

According to Brussels, an investigation is being carried out into potential breaches of a UN resolution.

Unsurprisingly, an EU official said we would act once we eventually get our independent evaluation of this transfer.

But on Monday, ministers are expected to take measures against Iran for its repression of the Mahsa Amini death demonstrations that have roiled the nation.

According to EU diplomats, 15 individuals and organizations, including the head of Iran’s morality police, are anticipated to be added to a blacklist for asset freezes and travel bans.

The EU has lagged behind Washington in enacting sanctions on Tehran even though it is now mediating stalled talks to resurrect the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.


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