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Teen mom fans criticize Leah Messer for being messy


Teen mom fans criticize Leah Messer for being messy.

Teen Mom 2 OG Leah Messer was known as a simple country girl and cheerleader. Throughout the years and many seasons that accompanied him, fans have taken a closer look at his personality.

Recently, people are researched to find out what is making it so messy.

The former cheerleader leader confessed that she struggled with an addiction to prescription painkillers in her memoir. “Hope, grace, and faith.”

Remembering when she was in the middle of her addiction, she told People magazine that she felt like a zombie. While talking to People, it opened a bit.

“I felt a little [like a] zombie. I really don’t even remember some of those occasions. I don’t remember anyone taking me to bed. I don’t remember falling asleep cross-legged. I thought I was succeeding. He barely survived. “

With that said, Leah recently began dating Jaylan Mobley. She has been quite open about her relationship on Instagram.

Leah mentioned that Mobley gets along with her children and loves them very much. Fans think this all seems too perfect.

A Reddit thread opened by a critical fan read: “Unpopular opinion: Nobody has their life together.

We are all a little less messy than we used to be, “they went on to write,” For one thing, Leah’s kids are older and can take care of themselves.

She learned to put on makeup and fix her hair. He hired a publicist or someone similar to run it. But we can’t be sure she’s 100% sober. She is entering relationships with both feet quickly still. She was only in a sect. Has it shown any real, real growth? (Dating someone attractive doesn’t count).

Many fans came out in defense of Leah and many did not. We believe that we should not jump to conclusions.

Leah has been a decent mother to her children and we are sure that she is doing her best to deal with addiction issues.

At least let’s forget, it was the stigma and addiction judgment that kept Leah from speaking earlier.

“This is not an unpopular opinion, I totally agree. She is not sober, she just hides it better ”, agreed on a fan.


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