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Ted Cruz lashes out at LeBron James’ status with China


Ted Cruz lashes out at LeBron James’ status with China.

LeBron James’ association with Nike and the fact that he makes money from the controversial country has drawn a lot of criticism recently. Enes Kanter called LeBron James and he’s not alone.

James responded to Kanter while stating that the center is not someone you want to pay attention to. LeBron also did not address the issue at hand, especially what is happening in China.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz took to Twitter with some harsh words for the Lakers star. Obviously this is getting national attention, even on the political front. Cruz, who is never ashamed to intervene in any discussion, was quick to cast a shadow over King James.

@ClayTravis Serious Q: how much $$ is enough?

@KingJames has made hundreds of millions of $$. But he still wants more, so much so that he is TERRIFYING to say something negative about the evil communist dictators in China.

@EnesKanter is showing more courage than the entire @NBA

We will continue to monitor this ongoing story. LeBron is certainly aware that people are paying attention to his connection to China, but he’s not talking about it right now.


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