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Storm Eunice crashes the crane onto a Belgian hospital


Brussels: The force of the wind caused a crane to crash into the roof of a health facility located situated in the Belgian town of Tournai on Friday afternoon as the storm Eunice came in with winds of up to 130 kilometers /hour (80 miles an hour).

There are no reports immediately of any deaths; however, local media reported that there had been injuries, but without providing any details.

Photos on social media show the crane’s tip crashing into the hospital’s roof and through the ceiling on the upper floor.

Another piece fell onto the ground in a building area near the crane’s base but remained in place.

In a separate incident, a 79-year old British man was killed when the boat he was on fell in a marina along the waterway that runs through the northern city of Ypres amid the roaring winds, according to media reports.

After being hit by a fallen branch, a teenager was in grave health when he was running through the town near Menen near the French border.

This storm that damaged northern European countries, such as Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands, caused disruptions to transportation services in Belgium.

Several flights were canceled in Brussels. Like panels on the rooftop, the international Zaventem airport was damaged due to winds. Specific train and bus services were also canceled.

The match between the football two teams from Ghent and Seraing for the top of the country’s league was delayed after the stadium’s roof suffered damage from the forceful winds.


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