Squid Game is an experience developed by Trendsetter Games for the Roblox multiverse. It is based on the popular South Korean drama television series on Netflix of the same name.

Players can participate in popular children’s games and face deadly consequences if they fail at the task at hand.

You can use these Squid Game codes to get an edge over the competition because you will have to do whatever it takes to win.

Squid Game Codes are a free and easy way to earn some in-game rewards. Our code list features all the working codes for the game, and we also have instructions below on how to claim them.

You can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard, so you can check back every day for new updates and codes.

All Squid Game Codes

  • 100 million visits! – Redeem code for 100M Skin
  • 100k members? – Redeem the code for a free reward
  • Thanks, PewDiePie – Redeem code for $ 500 in-game money
  • A lot of things – Redeem the code for $ 250 of in-game money
  • LotsOfPlayers – Redeem code for $ 300 of in-game money
  • LotsOfLikes! – Redeem the code for $ 250 of in-game money
  • FrontPage! – Redeem the code for $ 200 of in-game money
  • Marbles – Redeem code for $ 100 in-game money
  • 30kMembers – Redeem the code for $ 250 of in-game money

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How to redeem Squid Game codes

To redeem codes for Squid, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Squid Game on Roblox.
  2. Touch the Code button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a working code in the box.
  4. Press the green Redeem button.
  5. Claim your reward in the game.

We recommend copying and pasting the codes from our list to avoid typographical errors. Make sure there are no extra spaces after the code and then simply hit the redeem button to claim your reward. Your items will be sent to you automatically as soon as you enter the code.

How to get more codes for Squid Game

For more codes for Squid Game, you can follow the developer @ Kingerman88 On twitter. New updates and announcements are posted on social media. You can also bookmark our wiki code and check it daily for the latest updates. As soon as a new code is released, we will have it on our list.