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Spider-Man’s Marvel’s Avengers Debut Has First Stunt Trailer


Spider-Man’s Marvel’s Avengers Debut Has First Stunt Trailer.

They took their time, but publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics are finally delivering on their promise to bring Spider-Man into the divisive game Marvel’s Avengers.

As revealed last week, the old man Webhead will make his in-game debut at the upcoming Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero event, which will arrive on November 30, 2021, exclusively for PS4 and PS5 players.

Now you can get your first look at Spider-Man’s team with The Avengers in the first trailer for the upcoming event, in which Spidey takes out a group of AIM goons just before the rest of The Avengers arrive.

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Marvel’s Avengers – Spider-Man Exclusive Reveal Trailer

Although the trailer is cleverly put together, it’s not exactly a great representation of the game, as we’re simply looking at a scenario with a large number of mopeds in which a rather slow-moving Spider-Man defeats an even slower group of AIM minions.

While we appreciate that the cinematic trailer appears to have been created on the engine, it would have been preferable to see what Spidey’s stunts look like in the context of the actual game.

That said, the event is still a couple of weeks away, which means that Crystal Dynamics is very likely to give us a proper glimpse of Spider-Man’s gameplay in the run-up to the event’s arrival.


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