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Spain women’s coach Jorge Vilda Sacked After players Protest


15 players have reportedly said that they would leave the women’s national team of Spain unless head coach Jorge Vilda is fired, according to the Spanish Football Federation.

According to the RFEF, the players say his tenure harms their physical and mental well-being.

But according to the RFEF, “the players are not going to be able to criticize the national coach’s continuity.”

These maneuvers, according to them, “are far from exemplary and beyond the ideals of football and sport.”

They lack the authority to make such judgments.

It also said it would not call up the 15 and cautioned that declining to play for the national team was “a very severe offense and may entail punishments of between two and five years of disqualification.”

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“Even if they have to play with kids, the Federation will only have dedicated players,” it said.

“This reality is no longer a sports issue; it is now a matter of dignity. The choice cannot be changed. This position is unparalleled in the male and female football histories of Spain and the globe.

The national team requires dedicated players to the cause, zealous in upholding our flag, and happy to don the Spain jersey.

The document concluded by stating that the unnamed players will only be called up once again in the future “if they recognize their error and beg pardon.”

Since taking over as head coach of the national team in 2015, Vilda, 41, has guided his team to the quarterfinals of Euro 22, where the pre-tournament favorites fell to eventual champions England in extra time.

Ignacio Quereda, Vilda’s predecessor from 2015, resigned due to demands for his dismissal from Spain’s players. After Spain placed last in their World Cup group, the decision was made.


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