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Skyrim’s Anniversary Show Showcases Starfield’s Music


Skyrim’s Anniversary Show Showcases Starfield’s Music.

The London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices recently performed a performance from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim soundtrack to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

As part of this concert, the orchestra also played a set of music from the upcoming Bethesda space game. Starfield, making the concert one of the most complete glimpses of how the final game will sound.

Starfield Suite, consisting of almost ten minutes of new music, takes many cues from great space operas like Star Wars while having a sound of its own, swirling soft moments with its big, bombastic crescendos.

Of course, since Starfield is an open-world game, quiet moments will be important. You don’t want the soundtrack to be difficult all the time.

We’ve heard before where the game is heading conceptually. Bethesda recently released a video looking at the game’s setup, Settled Systems, as well as three of its factions.

The video also showcased some concept art for what the game will look like, but nothing quite as complete as the music shown in the orchestral presentation.

Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC, and Todd Howard of Bethesda sees it as a good thing, as it will allow the development team to be more focused.

It has already been advertised as a “Han Solo simulator” that is “like Skyrim in space”. However, until its release, we still have the official trailer to give us an idea of ​​what the game looks like.


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