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Several blasts were heard in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.


Several blasts were heard in Kyiv: AFP reporters heard about several explosions in Kyiv early on Monday, exactly one week after Russian missiles hit the capital of Ukraine.

Between 6:35 and 6:58 in the morning, three explosions took place (03:30 GMT and 0358 GMT). A few seconds before the initial explosion, air raid sirens heard.

According to Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, one of the explosions occurred in the Shevchenkivsky neighborhood in the city’s center.

“All services are en route to the location.” Details to follow. The air alert keeps going. Keep shelters open!” Posted on social media by Klitschko.

On October 10, Russian missiles hit Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities in the first massive strike in months.

The assaults resulted in at least 19 fatalities, 105 injuries, and a widespread uproar.

On October 11, Moscow launched more minor attacks on energy facilities in western Ukraine, which were far from the battlefield.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, said that the attacks were a response to an explosion that destroyed a bridge that connected Russia to the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow had just taken over.

Putin expressed his delight on Friday, saying that “for the time being,” there was no need for additional significant attacks on Ukraine.


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