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All of Setaria’s Responses in Genshin Impact


Setaria’s Responses in Genshin Impact: Players now have access to fresh plotlines and interesting new locations thanks to the Genshin Impact Version 3.1 upgrade.

So, if you’re having trouble picking the right conversation choices in the most recent Archon quest, we’ll walk you through Setaria’s possible responses.

We’ll also go through what you may anticipate from this assignment and how you can do this work faster.

Setaria’s Responses in Genshin Impact

Dreams, Emptiness, and Deception, a Genshin Impact Archon quest, will send you on a mission where you must convince Setaria, who is connected to the Grand Sage.

The only way to accomplish this accomplishment is to use Nahida’s abilities to possess locals and choose the following options:

  • In “Harut and Marut,”
  • ‘Hmmm… The gods have spoken, oh my!
  • “Uh, some masonry work,”
  • He is now walking more and is feeling much better.
  • “No, I’ve been studying in the basement all the time,” she said.

During this period, Nahida will grant you power over Nabiya, Akim, and Qishan, three Sectarians. You must choose the appropriate responses since each individual has unique traits and way of life to convince Setaria that you are telling the truth.

Furthermore, players must travel to the specified locations after each chat to give Nahida the opportunity to possess the locals.

After you’ve made your conversation selections from the list above, Rima, one of the area’s guards, will become the Traveler. As this is primarily a cutscene, players won’t need to worry about making the appropriate decisions just yet.

Setaria will reveal important information to you towards the conclusion of the talk, leading to the advancement of Nahida’s goal.

That concludes our overview of all the solutions to Setaria’s inquiries in Genshin Impact. You may look at our tutorials on obtaining Candace, discovering Redcrest, and finding every Scarab site, as well as the appropriate resources listed below, for more information regarding Version 3.1.


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