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Russia Detains 8 Suspects Over the deadly explosion on The Crimea Bridge Blasts


The Federal Security Service (FSB) stated in a statement published by news outlets on Wednesday that Russia has apprehended eight people in connection with the tragic explosion on the bridge connecting seized Crimea to Russia.
Five Russians and “three Ukrainian and Armenian citizens” are among the suspects, the report added without going into more detail.

It said that 22 plastic film rolls totaling 22,770 kilograms (50,200 pounds) were used to conceal the bombs.

The rolls traveled to Bulgaria by sea in August from the Ukrainian port of Odessa. Then, according to the FSB, they traveled via the port of Poti in Georgia before being transferred overland through Armenia and arriving by road in Russia.

According to the FSB, the explosives arrived in the Krasnodar area on October 6—two days before the explosions—after leaving Russia on October 4 in a vehicle with Georgian license plates.

According to the FSB, the “terrorist act” was planned by Ukrainian secret services, and a Kyiv operative oversaw the transportation of the explosives.

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Three individuals were killed, there was property damage, and a large fire started by the explosion that tore through the road and rail bridge linking Crimea to Russia on Saturday.

The bridge is essential to Moscow’s logistics since it is a crucial transportation route for delivering military supplies to Russian forces fighting Ukraine.

It is also significant, considering President Vladimir Putin opened the building in 2018.

The explosion led to celebrations among Ukrainians. However, on Monday, Russia began missile assaults throughout Ukraine, claiming responsibility for the blast that occurred on Sunday. At least 19 people were killed, and more than 100 were injured.


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