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Rob Riggle says Hollywood is like a jungle: ‘you eat what you kill’


Rob Riggle says Hollywood is like a jungle: ‘you eat what you kill’.

The comedian actor, an ex-Marine, dryly emphasizes one of the main differences between leather collars and Hollywood as the difference in pay structure.

“When I was in the Marine Corps they paid me the first and the 15th of each month and I could count on that,” he told Page Six. And in Hollywood, you eat what you kill.

I get paid for the amount of work that I am doing and the amount of work that I find. Sometimes you find a lot, sometimes you don’t find any, so it’s a different proposition.”

Riggle, 51, joined the military in 1990 and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 2013. He served in Liberia, Kosovo, Albania, and Afghanistan for his twenty-plus years and received the Meritorious Service Medal and a Combat Action Tape.

And to honor Veterans Day, he partnered with Veterans United Home Loans to give homes to several prominent veterans as a way to thank them not only for their service in uniform but also for their volunteer work within their communities.

After the Kentucky-born star left the service, he eventually earned a spot as a “Daily News” correspondent before gaining fame for his roles in “The Hangover,” “22 Jump Street” and “Modern Family.” Currently, he is a co-host of the “Holey Moley” miniature golf game show series.

Riggle says leaving the Marines to try his luck in Hollywood was a “daunting proposition to say the least. But if it’s something that you want, if it’s something that you think you should be doing or you think you have a calling to do, then you have to do it. It is also an easy choice.”


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