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Red Bull’s Budget cap punishment to be announced on Friday


Red Bull’s punishment for exceeding Formula One’s budget restriction will be disclosed on Friday.

To explain their punishment, the team has scheduled a press conference at 17:30 BST at the Mexican Grand Prix.

It is believed that the team and the regulating body of Formula One, the FIA, have reached an “acceptable breach agreement.”

Driver Max Verstappen remarked, “We believe we are not incorrect, and things are incorporated into the unexpected budget cap, but we have to live with it.

Although the punishment has not been made public, rumors inside Formula One indicate that it may include a multi-million dollar fine and a decrease in the amount of proper aerodynamic research and development.

On October 11, the FIA revealed that Red Bull had violated the quota by $145 million (£114 million) in 2021, the year that Verstappen won his first world championship following a hard-fought battle with Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

Anything less than 5% of the threshold, or $7.25m in 2021, is considered a “minor” infraction.

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Aston Martin will also get punishment for a procedural violation, which occurs when a team stays within budgetary restrictions but makes an administrative mistake.

Verstappen continued by saying that he was able to ignore any criticism he could have faced for winning the championship in a year when his team might have profited from excessive expenditure on the advancement of their vehicle.

He said, “From my side, I can. But, most likely, the critics can’t and never will be able to. They have an issue that they must solve.

He claimed that due to race director Michael Masi’s incorrect application of the regulations during a lengthy safety-car period during the last race, he was free to do the same once he won the title in 2021.

In such situations, he said, critics of him and Red Bull were “sore anyhow, so it doesn’t matter what you say or what you do.”

During a small-group interview with BBC Sport at the US Grand Prix last weekend, Hamilton was asked whether he would be OK if Verstappen were to lose the 2021 championship, which is theoretically conceivable but improbable.

The seven-time winner said, “No, because the harm has already been done. So I can keep to myself what I feel about what we did as a team, how we succeeded, and what we genuinely accomplished.

“I’m proud of the fact that we gave it our best and conducted ourselves properly.”


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