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Putin gave US leaker Edward Snowden citizenship in Russia


Putin gave US leaker Edward Snowden citizenship in Russia: Nine years after he revealed the scope of covert NSA eavesdropping programs, President Vladimir Putin gave former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden Russian citizenship (NSA) on Monday.

When Snowden, 39, exposed in 2013 that the NSA, where he worked, had engaged in extensive domestic and foreign surveillance activities. He force to leave the country and granted refuge in Russia.

He has sought by US authorities to come home for years so that he might stand prosecution for espionage.

Snowden’s name appeared on a list of 72 people who were born abroad and granted citizenship by Putin. But there was no instant response from him.

2020 saw Russia award Snowden rights to indefinite residence, opening the door for him to apply for Russian citizenship.

A US appeals court concluded that year that the program Snowden had revealed was illegal and that the US intelligence officials who had publicly defended it was lying.

In 2017, Putin, a former head of the Russian intelligence service, said that although Snowden maintained a low profile while residing in Russia, he was wrong to reveal US secrets but was not a traitor.


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