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Putin denies deploying nuclear weapons in Ukraine


Putin denies deploying nuclear weapons in Ukraine: On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied intentions to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine. However, he claimed the West’s professed ambitions to gain global supremacy would fail.

At a foreign policy conference, Putin suggested Russia would waste nuclear weapons on Ukraine.

Putin said, “We see no need for such. That serves no purpose, either political or military.

Putin raged at the US and its allies, accusing them of a “dangerous, harsh, and nasty” conquest game.

Putin, who invaded Ukraine on February 24, claims that Washington and its allies are using a “rules-based international order” to impose their will on others.

He said that “the West is no longer able to impose its will to the humanity. But still attempts to do so. And the majority of countries no longer willing to accept it” and that the world has reached a turning point.

He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind, the Russian leader said, adding that Western actions would cause further turmoil.

“Humanity today has a choice: collect a burden of issues that will ultimately crush us all or strive to develop answers. That may not be perfect but functioning and might make the world more stable and safe,” stated Putin.

The Russian leader said that although his country is not hostile to the West. It would continue to reject any attempt by Western neo-liberal elites to impose their will on Russia.

“Their intention is to increase Russia’s vulnerability and use it as a tool to accomplish their geopolitical objectives. They have failed to do so and will never succeed,” stated Putin.

Putin underlined that Russians and Ukrainians are one people and called Ukraine a “artificial state” that Communist authorities had given historical Russian land during the Soviet period.

Moscow’s bogus claim that Ukraine will blow a dirty radioactive weapon to implicate Russia was repeated by the Russian leader.

Ukraine has denied the charges, and its Western partners have labeled them “transparently untrue.”

Putin acknowledged that he considers the losses Russia has incurred in the conflict in Ukraine “all the time.”

He said Moscow has no option due to NATO’s rejection to admit Ukraine and Kyiv’s refusal to embrace a peace settlement for its eastern separatist conflict.

He said his “special military operation” went well and denied underestimating the Ukrainian government’s reaction.

Putin acknowledged the difficulties caused by Western sanctions. But said that Russia had shown itself firmly in the face of outside pressure and had become more unified.


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