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PS5 faceplates could arrive soon according to a Sony patent


PS5 faceplates could arrive soon according to a Sony patent.

Sony has published a patent that would allow the platform owner to manufacture and sell faceplates for Playstation 5.

The patent (via OPAttack) was initially filed in November 2020 and was finally granted a year later, on November 16, 2021. The real and legal name of the patent is’ Electronic Device Coverage’, but if you click, you can see that it is, clearly, targeting the PlayStation 5 hardware.

What is not clear from the documentation is whether it really will be removable faceplates, or rather skins that you can apply to existing hardware. Either way, given the way Sony has repeatedly had legal run-ins with companies that produce voters for their latest hardware, fans will no doubt be pleased that there may finally be an official option for them on the horizon.

Attorneys at Sony Interactive Entertainment have been doggedly pursuing companies that have tried to offer customers the opportunity to customize their consoles, as Sony has left a niche in the market.

Given that the most notable company trying to launch a product for the PS5, Dbrand, sold out their black PS5 faceplates within a few hours, it’s safe to say that there is a clear demand for the items.

The PS5 has proven to be a very popular product since its launch on November 20 of last year; We recently heard that the PS5 has sold 13.4 million units despite a combination of scalping and stock shortages that threaten to derail Sony’s plans for the hardware. Maybe you can make even more money selling customizable plates in the future.


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