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Priti Patel demands that France intercept all migrants from the English Channel


Priti Patel demands that France intercept all migrants from the English Channel.

Priti Patel, 49, will meet her French counterpart Gerald Darmanin, 39, this week and is expected to pressure Paris to step up efforts to intercept all migrants crossing the English Channel.

The Telegraph reports that the Home Secretary and the French Home Secretary will discuss how the UK and France can find a “shared solution” to the migration crisis.

Despite the weather conditions in November, a record 1,185 immigrants reached the UK shores last week on Thursday.

Although Brexit Britain sent France the first installment of £ 54 million to help fund its surveillance missions, French authorities intercepted only 99 of the 1,284 people who attempted to cross the English Channel.

According to the Telegraph, Darmanin has promised to intercept 100 percent of those who cross the Canal once all the money has been delivered.

The total number of migrants who have made the dangerous 22-mile journey this year has so far risen to more than 23,500, which is almost three times more than the 8,417 who made the same journey in what was supposedly a record in 2020.

In a statement issued to the Telegraph, the Witham MP who supports Brexit said last week’s migrant crossing showed that “we must do more.”

Ms. Patel, who succeeded Sajid Javid in the Home Office after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in the summer of 2019, added: “I want to go further and faster and that is why I will hold talks with Monsieur Darmanin this week. ”

The reading continued: “There is no single solution to this global crisis, but it is clear to me that through our New Immigration Plan and our partnership with the French, together we will break this business model and prevent vulnerable people from putting themselves in the hands of vile criminals, and their lives in danger. ”

YouGov’s poll tracker shows that immigration and asylum are the fifth most important issue for British voters at 21 percent, behind only the economy, health, environment, and Brexit.

However, among Conservative and Brexit voters, the problem is considered much more important, with 40 percent of those who voted ‘Quit’ in 2016 and 39 percent of Conservatives in 2019 saying it is the problem. most important thing facing the UK.

According to the Telegraph report, Conservative MPs are facing questions in their constituencies about what the government can do to address the immigration crisis.

However, following Tory’s allegations of squalor after the Owen Paterson debacle, Boris Johnson’s party gave up its 36-length lead in opinion polls to fall six points behind Sir Keir Starmer’s Labor Party.

Election Maps UK even projects that Boris Johnson’s own headquarters at Uxbridge & South Ruislip is on a razor’s edge according to post-Paterson polls.

But Alexander Strafford, who became Rother Valley’s first Conservative MP in 2019, said: “Aside from Covid, dealing with the immigration crisis is the number one priority for my constituents.

“The Government must tirelessly focus on solving the mess that is occurring in the Canal.”


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