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How to prepare Red Fruit Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Prepare Red Fruit Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley: You will gather different ingredients around Disney Dreamlight Valley and utilize them to prepare meals for you and the numerous valley inhabitants. You may use these meals to restore your energy, offer them to locals to raise their friendship levels, or even sell them for a profit.

The recipe for Red Fruit Pie is only one of the numerous that you may learn. This pie is not particularly difficult to produce, similar to other pastries in the game, but combining it with other recipes is simple.

If you want to make Red Fruit Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can follow the steps in this article.

Prepare Red Fruit Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The number of stars a dish gets on a scale from one to five shows how many ingredients it needs. So, for example, red Fruit Pie needs three elements to make it a three-star dessert.

Fortunately, finding these components isn’t too harsh, and getting all of them only requires doing one mission.

It would help if you first unlocked the Chez Remy restaurant to prepare Red Fruit Pie. But, on the other hand, sticking to Remy’s quest path can be done early on in the game.

Just be sure to provide a tasty Ratatouille; else, Remy won’t return to the valley. Collect the following ingredients for the Red Fruit Pie once Chez Remy is open:

  • One Fruit
  • Wheat
  • Butter

One of the early items you may get is wheat, which is available at Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. In the absence of availability, you can buy wheat seeds and grow your own.

Once the restaurant has unlocked, the Butter may purchase from the Chez Remy Pantry. You may create the dish using a variety of fruits since it is flexible.

To create the dish, in the beginning, you may quickly get some raspberries from the Plaza or the Peaceful Meadow. Avoid using apples to avoid making apple pie.


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