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Prepare honeymelon bread in Tower of Fantasy


Prepare honeymelon bread in Tower of Fantasy: Many valuable food items may be found in the Tower of Fantasy. But certain foods are superior to others, and one of the most refined Vera foods is honey melon bread.

It is the perfect nourishment for fighting since it aids in using frost-type weaponry and assaults. So it is worth getting the ingredients and recipe.

Here are the ingredients for honeymoon bread and where to get them in Tower of Fantasy.

Prepare honeymelon bread in Tower of Fantasy

A fantastic meal item is honeymelon bread, particularly on the Vera map, since most foes are vulnerable to frost-type attacks. They are consuming honey melon bread results in a 1% and 45 point rise in frost attack and ten satiety point recovery.

Furthermore, cooking is simple since just three ingredients and the recipe is required. The ingredients for Honeymelon Bread in Tower of Fantasy are listed below.

  • Desert Melon, two
  • Homi Grain x2
  • One Honey

How to acquire the recipe for honeymoon bread

With the recipe, it is possible to prepare honey melon bread. But if you have all the components, you can acquire the recipe.

Any cooking may be accessed by choosing Creation from its menu. For example, place the ingredients for Honeymelon Bread until you get a 90 to 100% success rate.

The bot will offer you the recipe when you click cook.

Where to get the ingredients for Honeymelon Bread

Three ingredients are required to make honeymoon bread, one of which is a Vera desert native. First, visit the places around Vera’s Sandstorm Desert to find desert melons.

You may quickly discover a ton of desert melons at the indicated places. However, the Aspera map’s most prevalent elements are honey and homi grain, particularly in the Astra and Banges districts.


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