Home USA News Police say serial killer ‘ON A MISSION’ after 6 murders In California

Police say serial killer ‘ON A MISSION’ after 6 murders In California

Police say serial killer 'ON A MISSION' after 6 murders In California

Police in Stockton, California, revealed security camera footage of a suspect wanted for interrogation about a run of six homicides and suggested that the culprit may be a serial killer “on a mission” behind the atrocities.

According to Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden, the crimes, which have put the city’s people on edge, have been connected by forensic ballistics evidence.

The murders happened between April 10 and September 27. Seven individuals were injured, but one was able to live.

“The motivation is a mystery to us. We do think it is mission-oriented, however. This individual has a purpose, “explained McFadden.

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The victim’s ages varied from 21 to 54 years old, and both males and women were among them, according to the chief. Except for a 46-year-old lady who was shot in Oakland and the lone survivor, all but one were assaulted in the Stockton region.

The Stockton Police Department’s surveillance video showed a man who McFadden called a “person of interest” walking through an apartment complex or motel’s hallway from behind.

According to McFadden, the individual shown in the video was not connected to the shootings, but investigators still wanted to talk with him as part of their investigation.

He urged those viewing the video to notice the man’s “uneven stride” and straight posture. In addition, $125,000 has been put up as a reward for information that results in an arrest.

More than 300,000 people call Stockton a city in the central valley of California, 60 miles east of San Francisco.



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