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Does Pokémon Go allow you to capture shiny Morelulls?


Pokémon Go allow you to capture shiny Morelulls: In Pokémon Go, Morelull will debut at the Festival of Lights 2022 celebration. If you want to add this Pokémon to your collection, we recommend that you participate in the event.

We also anticipate seeing this Pokémon in the following updates of the mobile game. Can you catch a shiny Morelull in Pokémon Go now that it has debuted?

Is there a shiny Morelull in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that the mobile game does not have the shiny version of Morelull. During the Festival of Lights 2022, you won’t be able to catch a polished version of this Pokémon no matter how often you see it in the wild, as a Field Research prize, or in a raid battle.

You shouldn’t use one of your free raid tickets on it. Instead, it would help if you tried to catch Morelull in the wild.

Even though we don’t have a specific date yet, we expect that the shiny version of this Pokémon will be available in the future. Unfortunately, Niantic also does not provide a time frame for its appearance.

When a new shiny version of a Pokémon comes out, it usually happens at the same time as a more significant event, like when Noibat and Galarian Yamask showed up in Pokémon Go during the Halloween 2022 event. However, depending on when Niantic intends to make Morelull a feasible catch for players, it may take longer or happen within the following year.

We advise waiting until Niantic makes Morelull’s shiny version accessible if you’re seeking it. You will have to wait for it to release, but once it does, you will be able to see it whenever Morelull gets a chance to show up at an event.


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